Wednesday, April 26, 2006

administrative professionals day, or how can i say thank you without really saying thank you?

For those of you who don't work in the mind-numbingly boring world of The Office, today is Administrative Professionals Day. Here at The Firm this means that we get taken out for a lengthy lunch while the attorneys bring their various spouses and children for the free meal. No speeches are made, no one says thank you for all you do, all you've done. Just a free meal. And usually not a very good one at that. The last three years we've gone to Dave and Buster's across the street, which I don't otherwise frequent because it usually makes me sick. Then we get a Power Card to go blow away some zombies or similar, which is fun, but only because it is fairly easy to visualize them as being attorneys. Might be a great Admin. Prof. Day for a bunch of teenagers, but for women in their thirties, forties and beyond, it seems a bit silly.

This year, us lucky devils are having lunch catered here. We don't even get to leave the office or eat at a table like civilized human beings. It is one shuttle through the line at the Qdoba naked burrito bar (the burritos don't have tortillas, that's why their naked, and only the burritos are naked, not anyone else, don't get too excited) and then back to work for us.

Next year (of course hopefully I won't be here, but I can still imagine where The Firm is headed) they'll just throw us a piece of raw meat in our cages and maybe take us for a walk out in the "yard" as a special treat. Kinda makes me miss the ol' place already.


sasha said...

ooooooh! love the new is so tranquil.

Too bad about Dave and Busters (even if the food is icky) least you could have used your game card for some lunchtime skee-ball.

Enjoy your naked lunch, and on behalf of your 'superiors,' "Thank You."

Mrs.Bump said...

Thanks. The other one annoyed me because you couldn't always read everything on it. I like this. And I think I can use all the tranquil I can get. I like to change it up every now and again. It is like moving the furniture around, which I am prone to as well.

I think I still have some juice on my power card from last year. Some day I'll have to go over there and just hit the skee-ball until I have enough tickets to buy a small plastic toy.