Tuesday, April 18, 2006

...And Another Thing

I hate this now, this waiting game between the interview and the decision, whether for a second interview or to say thanks, but no thanks. You think of all the things you should have said. You go over everything you did say and try to remember how they took those in, whether they were nodding or if they asked a follow-up question. You do the extended dance remix version of the instant replay. And no matter how confident you were, no matter how straight you sat up, all you can think of are the things you said that might not have been the "right" answer. You fret that there was a right answer to begin with, and you didn't get the rosetta stone to it.

And there is some inverse proportion between how much you want the job and how interested they are in you. But all the advice goes against playing hard to get, at least until you get the job offer and you're in salary negotiations.

So I've got to let it go, and just get on with going to the sucky job that I HAVE, and let go of the one that I may or may not get. After all, it pays the bills. It is somewhere to go every day. And the people I work with almost make it worth all the other crap I put up with.

Are your fingers still crossed?

So are mine.

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