Thursday, April 06, 2006

She Could Spot a Two Week Old Sunburn at 50 Paces

Dermotologist appointment today, which I have discovered is a great way place to go if I need to be taken down a peg about how I've been taking care of my body. I have rosacea, so went in for a check up and to get a different topical creme to try and work on that, and I'm itching like crazy so I thought I'd mention that. The first thing the noticed was that my scalp was irritated. Honestly you can't really see that I burned at this point. Unless you're my dermotologist, apparently. So I had to fess up that I'd actually gotten a bit of a sunburn in San Diego (whoops) but that it wasn't too bad, hadn't figured I'd burn so easily at a lower elevation, etc.

--I should be wearing a hat. Every time I go outside I need to wear a hat. Even to go get the mail I need a hat. Apparently they are making hats with spf woven into them. And they're cute. We'll see about that.

I pointed out that I did buy a hat in San Diego and did wear it later in the trip.

--I should be using haircare products with sunscreen in them. Did you know there were haircare products with sunscreen in them? Why yes, there are.

I showed her a spot on my leg where I've been itching, and admittedly I was running late this morning so after shaving my legs I didn't have time to put lotion on them.

--I need to be moisturizing all over, everywhere, every single day. She obviously doesn't realize that I'm not a morning person and I'm lucky if I get out of bed in time to shower and brush my teeth. With my type of skin I really need to be doing that every single day.

We finally moved on to the fact that I can't stop itching, which she decided was probably allergies.

--I need to drink plenty of water and try to stay hydrated.

--I need to take Clairitin every day, and if it makes me drowsy, take it at night. I was also given samples of about 7 different kinds of lotions to try.

--And finally, I need to be using a retina-a product to basically peel off the top layer of skin to keep down inflammation, help reduce age spots and essentially make me a better person. Ok, better looking. Apparently. Oh, and by the way, this stuff costs $30 an ounce for the generic and over $100 an ounce for the sample I'm giving you. Oh, and it's considered to be cosmetic rather than medication so insurance doesn't cover it even though you need a prescription for it. And you might want to use it every 3 days to start because it might make you look like a komodo dragon in molt.

That's just great. Wonderful. Just what I need, more medication my insurance doesn't cover but costs over $100. Whee. I love sun damage.

So, in summary, I will be the one you see with a giant floppy hat and sunglasses covering the bulk of her flaky, peeling face, wearing long sleeves and pants in the summer, greasy with lotion, guzzling from a gallon jug of water and penniless from trying to afford all the crap I've slathered all over myself. Oh look, there I am, the girl who has had a sunburn in the last seven years. Just ask my dermotologist--she'll be able to pick me out.

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sasha said...

I hope you take comfort in the fact that you'll need to make at least one trip to Target (maybe more) to pick up all you need for your fabulous new lifestyle.