Sunday, May 14, 2006

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For the last four days I've logged in, pulled up the new post screen, and with the cursor blinking at me I've blinked back, unable to put anything down.

Don't get me wrong, there's been plenty going on. But somewhere in me there seems to be a bottleneck, and I can't get anything out. But I'm going to give it a shot here today and see how it goes.

Here's the update: Wednesday night we went out for a great dinner at The Fourth Story, a restaurant above my favorite bookstore that is moving, and the restaurant is closing at the end of the month. It is the place where Mr. Bump and I had our first date. We've shared a lot of wonderful, meaningful meals there over the years and I'm sad to see it go. But we went, had a great meal, good wine, and good fun with Mr. Brother-in-law Bump and Mrs. Bump (my husband's grandmother), and Mrs. Bump (my MIL).

Thursday I worked pretty hard trying to finish things up for work. Mr. Bump and I took a walk, made dinner, and talked about what we might do with some of the time off from work we're both taking next week. We went to bed at a reasonable hour after reading in bed.

Friday was my last day at work.

I woke up early and, of course, couldn't get back to sleep. So on my last day of work I was atypically early. I went by Einstein's and got bagels for the office and the largest coffee they had for me. I certainly needed it. I didn't do an unusual amount of work but I kept trying. My boss came in late, there was a certain amount of chaos at foot, and we seemed to not complete very much. I went to lunch with the associate and my best friend at the office, Kim G, and generally tried very hard not to think about the afternoon ahead. My boss brought in her boys, who I have watched grow in her and then continue to grow. Jonah is nearly three, and such a bright-eyed, tow headed devil. He gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye in a rare moment of un-shyness. Ben is just five months so he's happy for me to just hold him and kiss his head and swing him around until he giggles. My boss' mother brought the boys in, so I got to see her one last time, too. There was a cake (spice cake with chocolate frosting, my favorite) and a card that everyone had signed. There was a gift certificate to the nearby mall. There were hugs and kisses from all the partners, all the attorneys I had worked for and with for six years. I was wished luck and told to visit. I didn't end up getting everything wrapped up until shortly before five, so my boss managed to leave before I did. It was probably for the best, because she broke down. I made her promise to come for dinner and to have me over to her new house. She hugged me hard and ran out crying. I did my last few bits of mail, gathered up all my junk, and allowed the staff to walk me out to my car (everyone had to carry something) in state. Again I got another round of hugs and kisses. I know the promises to meet for lunch will happen. I know I will see them again. I managed to get all the way onto the highway before the tears started to fall. I'm very proud of myself.

It felt final and clean. I had accomplished all I wanted to, I had dispatched all my duties. I was moving on. The tears were finished with before I got home. I threw some clothes blindly in a bag to hie myself up to Loveland for the weekend. I've tried to stop talking about it but I feel like I'm purging the last bits of that place out of me.

Saturday morning we went down to Longmont to Lucille's Creole Cafe for beignets and pain perdu and rice pancakes and Mr. Bump's favorite chai. We did a little antiquing, some napping, and a big fat chinese dinner at Canton Palace.

I have the delicious prospect of two weeks of hanging out, getting healthy and looking forward ahead of me. And being able to blog every day. Hopefully I'll keep having something interesting to say.

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