Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the januaries

Ok--I know that we're now in February, and maybe I should have the Februaries, but it feels like the Januaries, and since I'm still in it, that's what I'm calling it.

I first heard this term over here, and I think it applies to a certain state of mind that is oversnowed, underexercised, and lacking adequate natural sunlight. Here are some of my symptoms:
  • I waited for 25 minutes for a bus (any bus!) to show up to take me home last night. Needless to say that when a bus finally came, it was so full it couldn't take on any new passengers after my stop. This morning I was 20 minutes late for work for similar reasons.
  • I've gained 10 pounds since October/November (?). That is not the direction I was hoping to go.
  • I woke up three, possibly four, times last night to: turn on the white noise maker (the bathroom fan), let the dog out, and/or bathe my eyes with some eye drops (I swear I could hear them creak when I opened and shut them). I feel like I haven't had a great night's sleep in the past, oh, maybe two years now.
  • Somehow, in making a bed on Sunday, I wrenched something in my back, and have been walking like an old lady since.
  • The weather gods don't seem to care that I'm really, really over the snow.
So, the januaries. They just keep on comin'. Eleven days and counting until we take a little San Diego break. I hope the sun shines, damnit.

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