Thursday, March 20, 2008

on the fringe or bang me (US version)

First--Hi!! So good to see you again! I've been around, but going through one of my bouts of Osama-like cave-hiding. I read my blogs and think about how untalented and stoopid I am and generally wallow. But! With the arrival of spring, I'm trying very hard to turn my face (and my keyboard) toward the sun and join the living. Er, the blogging, anyway.

On to topic! It is often only through experience that you learn things about yourself that are fundamental, which you may not have thought about until you're actually living through them. Here it is, Internet. I am not a bang person. I, of course, only discovered this after I had my lovely hair stylist, Sarah, cut me some bangs. My only defense was that I had this apparently new little patch of hair just at my hairline that had decided to grow all at once. It had just gotten to the stage where it stuck straight up, and was about as long as a slightly short bang. From the first snip, there was a little kernel in the pit of my stomach that said, "Uh-oh." Sarah loved it, and at first, in the glow of a fresh cut, I thought it might be ok. I lived in denial for a few days, fussing with them, trying to like how I looked with a fringe (I know, how very Brit of me--fringe!). But today, I finally caved in and slicked them to either side with some pomade/wax stuff. And I once again saw my lovely forehead, which I hadn't realized I'd missed so much. I know I can't slick my hair back forever. I suspect the pomade will begin to lose it's gripping power as the day goes on. I'm trying really hard not to just be sad about it, but we shall see how I get on.

I want to leave you with a little something. I'm not a big fan of YouTube videos instead of blog posts (mostly because I don't have FlashPlayer at work, and so can never see them when I'm doing most of my blog reading), but since I've already done the posting, I can leave you with a little video at the tail end here. This guy pretty much sums it up for dogs, and with such a lovely accent. The video is very quiet, but that is part of the charm, so turn up your speakers.

P.S. Check back later and I'll try to post a couple of pictures of The Fringe so you can judge for yourself. Sigh. Let me know what you think, please. And be honest, this is for posterity. (Not really, couldn't help myself on the Princess Bride quote, though. I know, my geek is showing.)

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