Thursday, March 12, 2009

the little things

I know I've spoken about this before (see the knickers post), but now I seem to have skipped past the point of "Hey, this fits!" to "Hey, I have no pants or jeans that fit!" I know the fact that I'm pants-less should be something to celebrate, but it is frustrating in the extreme. I've still got 20 pounds and some serious junk to unload from my trunk, so buying pants right now seems like a bad idea. I usually resort to either Target or Old Navy at this juncture, because sometimes you can actually score clothes under the $5.00 range if you're lucky. But there are no jeans in either of these places that look good. Or hide my hiney. I can just get away with one wearing of one or two of my pairs of jeans if I dry them on hot and don't sit down a whole lot.

Sigh. Poor me, right? But I had some really nice clothes, ones I liked a lot. Most of them can't be tailored. I have a dress that I wore the first time I met my in-laws (that would be 1999, people), and I've kept it all these years not for sentimental reasons but because it is beautiful. It's a greenish-cream silk sleeveless shift dress with little flowers all over it. And now it's too big. It went from too tight to too big so quickly that I didn't realize my Moment to Wear it Again was already gone. I might try to have it tailored but it has darts, so I don't know. You can't tailor two inches off a pair of jeans, either I'm told. Or any other pants, for that matter. Skirts, maybe, if they're simple. I have a pair of pants I bought at Eddie Bauer about 3 years ago, that finally fit. That and a pair of black chinos (which I am currently wearing) is really, honestly it for pants that fit. And the dress pants. Don't get me started. Sometime between now and May I have to find a couple of pairs of dress pants that I can wear for term of court. Even though it was 17 degrees yesterday morning, I was in a dress because that's all I had.

So while it is awesome to weigh less than I did in 1999 (hey that's crazy, isn't it?), I'm pissy about nothing fitting. I sincerely have to buy an almost completely all new wardrobe. Money is really tight right now, and an interim "while I'm still losing" wardrobe is probably not in the cards.

On to other news! I've finished my Colorado Weigh class, and a year later I'm 30 pounds lighter (mostly lost since December), and several inches less around in my hips and waist. I think I'm about 36 inches in my waist, which is just one inch from that magical 35 inch waist circumference that I keep reading about. So there's that. I accidentally ran almost 6 miles last Saturday (while sick!), and I didn't die from it (I go farther when I have no idea how far I've gone, I guess). So that's another one. I had to buy a second pair of running shoes because mine are about halfway to wearing out. Never thought that'd be the case for me.

What's next is seriously training for my 5K, including running on the street; continuing the weight loss effort to be overweight rather than obese according to my BMI by my birthday; and oh yeah, losing those 21.6 pounds for 100 pounds lost and those diamond earrings I've been promising myself as a reward for years!

I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

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